Don Dismembers Student, Takes Her Arms

A Russian historian caught with two arms of a woman tucked into his backpack  has   confessed that the arms were those of his former student whom he had murdered.

Oleg Sokolov, said to be Napoleonic expert, was hauled out of a St. Petersburg river carrying a backpack containing the woman’s arms.

According to Moscow Times, Police in St. Petersburg on Saturday detained 63-year-old Prof. Oleg Sokolov on suspicion of murdering a former student after he was pulled out of the city’s Moika river with a backpack containing the severed arms, authorities said.

They then searched Sokolov’s home, where they found the decapitated body of Anastasia Yeshchenko, 24, a former student at his university with whom he had co-authored a number of works.

Sokolov’s lawyer, Alexander Pochuyev, said that his client had confessed to the murder of his former student.

 “Sokolov acted under some sort of strong influence. For now, we can only make assumptions,” Pochuyev said.

His Police statement revealed that Sokolov is believed to have planned to get rid of the body, after which he would have committed suicide publicly while dressed as French statesman and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, local news outlet, 47, reported.

The historian, who is known in Russia’s history community for re-enacting Napoleon-era battles, previously served a stint as a visiting professor at France’s prestigious Sorbonne university.

In May 2018, the Russian outlet Moskovsky Komsomolets published an anonymous story by one of Sokolov’s students who accused the professor of beating and bullying her and torturing her with an iron 10 years earlier.

 “When the iron warmed up, he brought it to my face, so that I could feel its heat coming from him, and began to threaten that it would disfigure me for the rest of my life,” the girl reporte.

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Woman Delivers Twins For Different Fathers

A woman   gave birth to a set of twins in the southeastern city of Xiamen with each one of them belonging  to different fathers in what is a very rare clinical occurrence.

Apparently, the woman was left with no option but to confess to cheating on her husband with another man in a one night stand, after DNA test results proved that the set of twins she gave birth to belong to different fathers.

She gave birth to two bouncing twin boys but surprisingly, the lack of resemblance between the babies raised eyebrows, compelling her husband identified as Xiaolong to ask for a DNA examination.

Director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre where the DNA test was conducted is reported as having told Xiaolong, that, one of the twins has no biological relationship with him. This incident, known in medicine as heteropaternal superfecundation, is a rare incident and previous studies suggest the chance of its occurrence could be between one in 400 pairs and one in 13,000 pairs.

Xiaolong is reported as saying he will gladly be a father for the baby which bears his DNA, and not the other one sired by another man. He appears to have indicated that he will not file for divorce, however.

His wife had initially denied the DNA findings, claiming that her husband had falsified the report to tarnish her image but eventually confessed. It is now not yet clear what will happen to the other twin.

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Doctors Find Family Of Roaches Inside Man’s Ear

A 24-year-old man in China identified only as Mr. Lv suffering from an earache visited a hospital in Guangdong Province, southeast China, discovered his ear was filled with almost a dozen cockroaches.

Lv told doctors he had been experiencing a “sharp pain” in his right ear.

Dr. Zhong Yijin, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist at Sanhe Hospital who treated the man,   said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort. 

The patient said a member of his family had previously shone a light inside his ear and found a huge bug inside.

Yijin examined the man’s ear canal and found an adult cockroach surrounded by newly born   offsprings. The insects were German cockroaches.

Dr. Yijiin said he found over 10 baby cockroaches inside the man’s ear canal, adding that they were already running around.

Lv told doctors he would leave food by his bed at night. Speaking to local media, Dr. Jiang Tengxiang, deputy head of ENT at the hospital explained this likely attracted the bugs. The adult cockroach might have viewed the man’s ear as an incubation chamber, and crawled inside, said Tengxiang.

Hospital staff used tweezers to remove the adult cockroach and her babies from the man’s ear.

Sanhe Hospital said in a statement that despite his ordeal, Lv was left with minor injuries to his ear.

Last year, a woman from Florida detailed a similar experience. Katie Holley said she and her husband bought a new home in the state. Due to the humid Florida climate, they weren’t surprised when they found cockroaches at the property. Holley paid for an exterminator to rid their home of the bugs.

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World’s Most Fertile Woman, Delivers 44 Kids

Mariam Nabatanzi suffers from a rare genetic condition and had given birth to 44 children by the age of 36.

Tragically, Mariam has been left to raise her massive family alone after her husband walked out on her almost four years ago.

Now 40, doctors have taken action to stop Mariam having more children after it emerged her father had 45 children with several different women.

Mariam has three sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets and six sets of twins and incredibly manages to care for and feed them all on her own.

The fertile mum was just 12 when she was married to her husband, who at 40 was 28 years her senior.Just a year later she gave birth to her first set of twins.

Now, she and all of her kids have no choice to live in appallingly cramped conditions in just four tiny homes made from cement bricks and a corrugated iron roof.

Mariam, from Uganda, and her brood live surrounded by coffee fields.A doctor warned the mother that birth control, like the Pill, could cause her problems because she had unusually large ovaries.So after her first set of twins, the babies just kept coming.

Dr Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, said: “Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate, which is releasing multiple eggs in one cycle, which significantly increases the chance of having multiples; it is always genetic.”

Mariam confirmed that doctors had taken action to remove the risk of her becoming pregnant again.

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Cow Dung, Shampoo For Beautiful Hair

For the Angolan tribeswomen, dried COW DUNG is the best shampoo to style their hair  and shape it into thick dreadlocks which are then dyed using oncula, a type of crushed rock.

These dreads are then embellished using shells, beads and sometimes dried food to make them even more elaborate and eye-catching. 

 The Mwila tribe live in the sparsely populated Huila province of southern Angola and are well-known for their elaborate styles of dress, their hair decoration, and necklacesWomen use a mixture of oil, crushed tree bark, butter, dried cow dung and herbs to shape their hair into thick dreadlocks, typically numbering between four and six, though there can be more

Adult women also wear large necklaces which at first appear to be made of strings of beads but are actually large collars of mud with beads embedded in them.

The women are also expected to wear huge necklaces, made from a mixture of mud and beads, which they keep on at all times – including while sleeping.

While Mwila styles are designed to be striking, the dress codes also act as important symbols, telling viewers about the women and their lives.

The number of braids in their hair – usually between four and six – denotes whether they have reached maturity, but three braids indicates there has been a death in their family.

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94 Yr-Old Fathers 100 Children, Takes Four New Wives

A 94-year-old father of over 100 children, Nulu Ssemakula, recently expanded his household by marrying four new wives in Ruyonza, a largely polygamous village in Uganda.

Ssemakula has been successful in expanding his family boasting of more than 19 wives with whom he has had more than 100 children and is still counting. His youngest child is 10 months old now and the youngest wife, who is 24 years old is pregnant. He currently lives with 66 of his young children. While some of his children have grandchildren, the 94-year-old says he still hopes to have more children and even marry more women.

Ssemakula married his first wife in 1952, who was soon joined by five others. They still live together.

“I unfortunately lost four of my wives while others who needed more than I could afford, I let them go. But they left me with children; I will still marry more if I still have more years and even have more children. In children and wives, is where I find my pleasure. That is my true wealth,”Ssemakula says.

According to reorts,  Ssemakula has set up a mosque and a primary school (Kiyombero Primary School), a coffee huller and a dairy milk cooling machine in the village to cater for his family. Surrounded by the homes of his children and grandchildren, Ssemakula’s home is a relatively huge house with red ironsheets.

The house is accessed by only one entry where the old man is often seated on a bench as he watches over his “empire”. It is a typical agricultural homestead and the family provides the much needed manpower for the vast coffee plantation.

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Man Defies Family, Wants Wife’s Mother As Second Wife

A Zvishavane man Vashko Sande has shocked people after marrying his own mother in-law as a second wife whom he dated secretly for 7 years, says he is his own father-in-law.

Vashko Sande did the unthinkable when he fell in love with his mother-in-law, betraying his wife’s trust.

He reportedly became wild and abusive after finding new love and even elders failed to “discipline” him as he defied social norms and married the woman as his second wife.

The wife, Vimbai Magora, failed to come to terms with her husband’s abusive behaviour forcing her to seek help from the long arm of the law.

Magora in her application for a peace order said: “We got married in 2008 and since 2011 my husband became hostile as he had fallen in love with my mother.He started beating and insulting me, threatening to chase me and my four children out of our matrimonial home.”

She further revealed that even family elders failed to resolve their problem as he never listened to their advice, but continued in the relationship with his mother-in-law putting their marriage on the rocks.

In response, Sande confirmed the allegations levelled against him saying he loved the two women and wanted to spend his life with them.

“It is true that I am in love with her mother, but I still love my wife as well. Therefore, I would like to spend all my life with them,” said Sande.

Zvishavane magistrate Shepherd Mjanja granted the peace order in favour of Magora. Sande was ordered not to physically and emotionally abuse his first wife.

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Woman Butchers Hubby, Serves Manhood To Dog

A 48 year-old Ukrainian woman strangled her husband, beheaded him and hacked off his organ, throwing it to her dog to eat for dinner.

The woman, identified only by the name Maria, lives in the village of Obariv in the north of the country.

The woman told police ‘she was suffering domestic violence for ages and murdered her husband to put an end to it’ and that ‘it was the only way out’.

According to report  the woman attacked her spouse Oleksandr, 49, in their bedroom after he came home from night shift work and fell asleep.

She strangled him to death with her bare hands before grabbing an axe and hacking the man’s head off, police said.

After that Maria used a kitchen knife to chop off the victims genitals and fed the organ to her dogs, local media report.

She then tried to cut the body into pieces but failed, investigators said.

Covered with her husband’s blood, Maria rushed out of her family’s house to the street where she was spotted by Nadezhda Opanasiuk, a woman living next door.

Opanasiuk said to local media: ‘Her hands, feet and clothes were in blood. ‘She said, “I am in trouble. I’ve killed my husband.I did not believe her. I thought they had a quarrel and she might have hit him. I went to see if he needed medical help. When I walked into the room, I saw his mutilated body. The bed sheets were soaked with blood.”

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Sex Workers Protest, Demand Condoms, Lubricants

Sex workers recently took to the street in protest, while demanding for free lubricants and condoms.

The incident reportedly happened in Machakos, Kenya.

“We as sex workers are here today to ask Machakos county government what it plans to do as we are the key population in this county. Wewant to make sure that sex workers get lubricants, said one of the sex workers.’ the protest leader said

One of the sex workers told the media that there was nothing wrong with what they do because sex work is work, The Guardian reports.

“We say sex work is work because we pay for the house, it takes care of the children” he said.

They also said their work was also a source of revenue to the tourism sector in the country and specifically Machakos County.

“Many tourists come to Kenya because when they come there is everything, there is sex, what! There is nothing you will miss” he added.

The group leader also demanded the government to provide them with security while they are at work.

“We want to know we are safe before we go out as prostitutes,” he demanded.

Sex workers across the country have been complaining about their security.

Recently, in Chuka town in Tharaka Nithi County, sex workers demanded security from the county government.

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Elephant Presents New Baby To Adopted Family

To Loijuk the elephant, nothing is more important than family. In 2006, the orphaned elephant was found all alone at only 5 months old, and was rescued by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust(SWT) in Kenya. She was hand-raised by SWT until she was old enough to return to the wild.

Years have passed, but Loijuk still has a close bond with her human family. She returns to the grounds of the sanctuaryevery month to visit. But in September, Loijuk surprised her former caretakers with a newborn elephant calf in tow.

 It was clear the proud elephant mom couldn’t wait to show off her baby. The calf, who has since been named Lili, was only hours old — likely born only the night before.

Loijuk has never forgotten the kindness of those who helped her. She even invited Benjamin Kyalo, the head keeper, to have a special moment with her newborn calf.

 “Benjamin was able to get close to Lili (who nestled into his legs), stroke her delicate newborn skin and breathe into her trunk, thereby letting her know who he was via his scent,”

Rob Brandford, executive director of SWT, told The Dodo. “Elephants have an incredible memory and sense of smell and our keepers will often breathe into the orphans’ trunks so they can recognize who they are.”

Lili was quite wobbly on her feet during the meeting, but over the course of the week, Kyalo watched as she got stronger and stronger.

Loijuk has stayed close to the area around the unit, allowing our keepers to watch over her and check how she’s getting on. Considering September is the peak of the dry season in Tsavo, not the most favorable of conditions for a new baby, we are delighted that Loijuk has returned close to home so that we can help supplement her diet when she visits.” Brandford said.

 In the wild, calves are raised with the help of female relatives within the herd. Loijuk has played nanny to other babies before giving birth to Lili, and now her calf has nannies of her very own — two other wild orphans named Naserian and Ithumbah.

Lili will remain with her mom’s herd in the wild for life, and if she is ever in need, she now knows there is a safe place she can always return to.

Lili is the 31st calf born to female orphaned elephants raised by SWT now living wild, and she is a beacon of hope for threatened elephant populations everywhere.

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